This web site is the brainchild of Dr. Hans Dreyer. His mission is to assist people who are suffering from Depression, Bipolar Depression (Bipolar Mood Disorder), Mood Swings, Anxiety and Anxiety attacks, Stress and Stress Related Illnesses.

Usually the road to solving the problem starts with a visit to a counsellor, minister, psychiatrist or someone you truly trust. This is not always easy, because of the difficulty with discussing personal problems and aspects of your life.

This web site offers a solution: In the privacy of your own home or office you can now access relevant information regarding your problem and can also receive counselling via webcam.



We specialise in:

  • Supporting people suffering from Depression
  • Support for the family members of a depressed person
  • Supporting people suffering from Bipolar Depression (Manic Depression), mood swings
  • Supporting people suffering from Anxiety and Anxiety attacks
  • Supporting people suffering from Stress and Stress Related Illnesses
  • Supporting people in their relationships at work and in the family

People who are stressed get ill more easily than others, thus our service requires of you to complete one or more of the online questionnaire(s) to obtain a profile of the stress and stress related illnesses you may be suffering from and enables you to keep this information private.

On this site are some very helpful articles available on Depression, Bipolar Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia as well as information on antidepressants and pregnancy, symptoms and dynamics of other stress related illnesses.

The use of antidepressants, the dynamics and the importance there of must always be considered when you are suffering from any form of depression and stress.

Have you encountered any of the following problems or questions recently:

  • Do you lately often feel depressed?
  • Do you have mood swings
  • Do you battle to sleep restfully?
  • Do you feel that God is not there for you any more?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?
  • Do you avoid people after work if at all possible?
  • Is the quality of your life unsatisfactory?
  • Has your libido (sex drive) decreased?

If any of these statements are applicable to you, and occur for more than a few days, you may require assistance. The reasons why you experience one of the above may vary – personal life, work environment, fear of the unknown. If the area where your problem lies is identified in time, you can be assisted in regaining the quality of your life.
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